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Compliance with REACH - a service from the ITIA

SIEFs under the Management of the Tungsten Consortium


Manufacturers of the substances in, or Importers into, the EU who have to submit a registration dossier for their substance with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as required by REACH must collect a significant amount of technical information concerning the intrinsic properties of substances and may have to perform a number of complicated tests.  For the purposes of registration, REACH requires Pre-Registrants to share the data held or developed.

SIEFs are formed to share information among Manufacturers and Importers of the same "phase-in" substances, as well as allowing participation of Downstream Users and other stakeholders to prevent duplicate testing, especially on vertebrate animals.  SIEFs are virtual platforms formed online for communication purposes in order to achieve the joint registration of the substance and share the data.

As a service to its members and to the tungsten industry as a whole, the International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA) set up a Tungsten Consortium for select tungsten substances to assist the industry to comply with the REACH regulation and to prepare the registration technical dossiers.  SIEF members for those substances can join the Consortium if they wish.