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Compliance with REACH - a service from the ITIA

Recyclers Agreement

In order to assist recycling companies to benefit from the exemption in Article 2.7(d) of Regulation EC 1907/2006 concerning REACH in relation to the tungsten substances (see details in the Appendix I to the Recyclers Agreement), ITIA will provide following information on request:

(a) a copy of the Safety Data Sheet ("SDS") if required under Article 31 of REACH


(b) where the SDS is not required, guidance on safe use as specified in Section 5 of Annex VI of REACH

The fee is US$3,000 per substance.  Further terms and conditions are set out in the Recyclers Agreement.  To set up the Agreement, please send company details (name, address and contact details) and specify required substance(s) by email to or by fax to +44 20 8994 8728.